A New Look for SalesJunction! | SalesJunction|Web based CRM for Small Business
We've shed our old skin to improve navigation for our users with our new User Interface! We have revamped the look of the whole user interface, while keeping the functionality the same. Users can look forward to a new color scheme which is now an all blue layout. That boring grey is all gone! We've put a major focus on giving a cleaner style to SalesJunction. What has changed? Take a look!

The titles of the views have all been refreshed! The shape and behavior have all been changed along with the font size, color, and style. You now have a cleaner style.The icons from these views have also been taken away giving it a much more basic and less clustered look.

There are new icons which are more modernized. The size as also been increased making them more easily identifiable.

These editing criteria icons have also been updated to go along with our new color scheme.

The alphabetical shortcut has a new clean style to match the revamped User Interface.

A new action option has been created so users now have the option to copy, delete, or modify accounts. This convenient button saves users the trouble of clicking around to make these common changes.

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