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We are updating our customer service ticketing system for our SalesJunction customers on Monday, March 16. Our customers can now submit tickets more easily with a new user-friendly form.

With the improved process, our customer service specialists will have direct access to customer information and they will be able to respond and resolve issues more quickly.

Customers can enter and submit their questions and suggestions directly from the SalesJunction website without going to another site.

Beginning on Monday, March 16th, the new ticket logging webpage can be accessed here:

If you have an open ticket in the current system, then we will continue to address the issue and communicate with you until it is resolved.

Please make a note of this change, and if you have the current ticket system website bookmarked in your browser, then you will want to update your records for future tickets.

If you have any questions about submitting tickets using the new form, please send us an email.

Thank you,

– The SalesJunction Team

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