My Settings

Each user is allowed to select some of their personal settings and preferences in the system. To access these settings, select the My Settings link located in the top row of the program screen.


A form similar to the one shown below will be displayed:



General Options:


To change your password, type the new password in the first field, then type it again in the second field.



This Email address should be an active address where you wish to receive any notices and reminders sent by the system.



The program uses the time zone of the user when displaying schedules. To change your time zone, select the appropriate time zone from the drop down list box.


Date Format

To localize the date format used in your country, you can select the appropriate format.


Color Scheme

The System Administrator can create new color schemes for the system to use. Selecting the Color Scheme link will display any color schemes that have been created.


Currency Character

To localize the currency symbol used in your country, you can enter the appropriate character in the text box.


Main View Options:

View Menu Order

You can rearrange the order of the primary view menus. Select the name of the menu, then use the Up and Down buttons to move it to your desired position.


Default View

Lets you select the view you want shown when you first access the system.


Default Detail Views

For each detail view, you can select the default view you would like to have displayed. The selections for each of the detail views correspond to the view buttons available on the view. For example, on the Accounts Detail View, you can select Activities, Notes, Contacts, or Opportunities.


Left Menu Options

For users with Internet Explorer, the behaviour of the primary view menus can be selected.


Row Settings

You can select the number of rows of information you would like displayed on the main views, as well as on the detail views. And, the maximum number of characters for notes can also be selected.


Email Alerts

The system can send a short email notice to you whenever something new has been added, or updated, in an account. If you want to receive the notices, select Yes. If you don't want to receive email notices, select No.


User Demographics:

These fields can be filled in with your contact information. The fields can be used when setting up Email Mail Merges.


Saving The Settings

To save any changes, select Finish.


Select Close if you want to discard any changes and close the form window.



Selecting the appropriate time zone setting is important if you plan to make use of the systems Email reminder function for Activities. The system calculates the desired time for the reminder based on your time zone setting. If you don't have the appropriate time zone set, you may receive reminders after the scheduled activity time.