Updating Opportunity Information

There are several methods you can use to select and access opportunity information:


Method 1: Using an Accounts View

While using an Accounts View, click the opportunity icon beside the name of the account. This will display the Account Detail View with a listing of all the opportunities for the account.  Then, select the Edit icon next to the name of the opportunity you wish to update.


Method 2: Using the Contact Detail View


Select the name of a contact from a Contact View. This will display the Contact Detail View for the selected contact. The Contact Detail View has three (3) views that are available: Activities, Notes, and Opportunities. These views display only the information related to the selected contact.



If the view is not already displaying the opportunities for the contact, simply click the Opportunities Button. Then, click the Edit icon next to the opportunity you want to edit.  


Method 3: Using the Opportunity View


While viewing the list of opportunities using the Opportunity View, select the opportunity you want to update by clicking on its name. The Opportunity Detail View will then be displayed. Next, select the Edit link as shown in the following screen clip.




Whichever method you use above, the program will subsequently display a form similar to the one shown below:




The name of the opportunity.



Update the percentage representing the probability the opportunity will produce sales or business revenue.



The description for the source of the opportunity.


Class - Opportunity Type and Opportunity Stage

Update the Type, or click the icon and select from the listing of Opportunity Types. For example, a 'new account' or 'take from competitor' etc. Next, update the current stage of the opportunity, or click the icon and select it from the list. For example. 'submitted proposal' or 'negotiating contracts' etc.



If necessary, update the expected close date, or select a date from a calendar by clicking the calendar button to the right of the field. Update the anticipated sales or business revenue amount that the opportunity is expected to produce.



This can be updated with the actual information when the opportunity becomes a reality.



Enter any comments about the opportunity.


Saving The Changes

To save any changes to the opportunity information, select Finish.


Select Cancel if you wish to discard your changes.



Your system administrator can maintain and customize the available options for the opportunity classes, such as Type and Stage, in order to match those used by your company. These lists are maintained in the Setup area.