Account Detail View - Pro Edition - Teams Option (ON)

Like the Account Detail View in the Standard Edition, this screen provides access to all the information relating to a specific customer account. Detailed lists of information relating to the selected account can be selected by the Activities, Notes, Opportunities, and Contacts buttons. However, on the Pro Edition screens there are two additional buttons - Team and Cases.


Just as the Activities, Notes, Opportunities, and Contact buttons display their related items belonging to the account, so does the Cases button.

The Team Button

The Team feature is used to control access authority on an account by account basis. It also includes additional options on the level of access given to the specific account. To use the Team feature, you need to specifically select the option ON in the General Settings screen. Then, for EVERY Account, you will need to setup which of your users will have access to the record - and what type of access.  This function provides a complete granular level control of each record - but its administration can become extremely time intensive for database with more than several hundred accounts.  It is therefore recommended that any database with more than a few hundred accounts, not use Teams, but instead look to the Territory functionality as an alternate option.



The legend describing the access settings for All, Read/Update, and Read Only will be displayed for you when the Team button is clicked. From this screen, you can control the type of access as well as the level of access (to accounts, contacts, and opportunities).


Note that if a user is not listed as a team member, they will not even be able to access the account at all.


Use the standard detail view buttons (shown below) to display the type of information stored for the account.



If a user has been given Read/Update authority they can also edit the information displayed by the standard view buttons.