Working With Views

Views are essentially saved database queries. To make things more user friendly, the system lets you name them and have convenient access to them from the view menus.


The settings for views are automatically saved whenever you use any of the Filter, Sort, or Columns options. Existing views can be modified, and you can also create new views as needed.


Add A New View

Click the Add/Delete View menu option in the menu area where you want to create a new view. The menu areas for adding views are Accounts, Contact, Opportunities, and Activities.


Modify A View

First, select the view you want to modify.  Then select the Add/Delete View menu option.


Delete A View

First, select the view you want to delete.  Then select the Add/Delete View menu option.



A form similar to the one shown below will then be displayed. In the example below we are modifying an Accounts View called My Accounts:




Select the type of action you wish to perform.



This is the name of the view. It will appear in the list of views in the menu area.



Use this field to provide a short description for the view you are defining or modifying.


Make Default?

Check this box if you want the view to become the new default view.


Select Records From

Allows you to choose to select records from other predefined views, A Group of Accounts, A Single Users Accounts, or more commonly from All Accounts. If you select: A Group of Accounts, another selection box will be displayed where you can pick the name of the account group. If you select: A Single Users Accounts, another selection box will be displayed where you can pick the name of a user.


Position After View

Select desired position for the Label of the view you are creating or modifying. You can select the very top position by choosing - Make First Tab -, or select the name of a current label (displayed in the selection box) that you want the view Label to be placed after.


Copy View To User

Sometimes there's a need for one or more users to have the same view - saves time so they don't have to create it themselves. Here you can copy the view to other users.


Saving Views/Changes

To save any entries or changes, select Add/Change. The system will return to the previous screen and update the display to reflect any changes.


Select Cancel if you wish to discard any entries or changes.



See the help topic on Filters to learn more about selecting specific contacts and accounts for your custom views.