Hosted SFA Software | SalesJunction|Web based CRM for Small Business
SalesJunction offers the most effective and efficient hosted sales force automation software to be found online. We give businesses and companies of all sizes the upper hand with their sales data and sales pipelines with our top of the line, highly customizable, easy to use hosted SFA software. Check out all the great features SalesJunction’s hosted SFA software offers:
  • Activity Workflows
  • Many companies closely follow certain activity related steps in their sales process. Our easy-to-use activity workflow process allows you to create templates of your workflow and add them to any contact or accounts with just a click. The system will create all the needed activities and even send out emails for you if needed, saving time for sales people, and making sure no client ever gets missed in the process.

  • Automated Lead Capture
  • Capture more comprehensive leads with a lead form on your website that collects information that leads enter themselves, and automatically enters leads into your database.

  • Easy-to-Use Integrated Workspace
  • With our hosted sales force automation software features are easily created and used right from the main page with our intuitive and fully integrated system that allows for point-and-click customization of your SFA to fit the way you sell.

  • Flexible/Advanced Reporting
  • Our Ad-Hoc report writer empowers your business to create reports and make better decisions with real time analytics.

  • No Downloads
  • Our hosted SFA software is web based. That means no company wide downloads, no software problems and no install issues. It also means you can use your company’s SFA system wherever you can access the Internet, allowing you to work at home or on the road.

  • A System That Grows With You
  • One of the greatest things about SalesJunction is that it grows with your needs. You won't outgrow our hosted SFA software and you can gradually use more advanced features when you need them. Once you get started you will continue to get value from our hosted sales force automation software for years to come.