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Adding Activities

New activities can be added from either an Activity View, an Account Detail View, or from the Calendar Views.


To add an activity from the Activity View screen, simply click the New link located on the left-side of the screen just above the top of the list of activities.


To add an activity from the Account Detail View screen, select the Activities button (if the activities are not already being displayed), and click the New Activity link located just above the listing of activities.



To add an activity from the Calendar Views, click the New link. For example, on the monthly Calendar View, the New link is displayed beside the number of the day.



A screen similar to the one shown below will be displayed:




When accessing the New Activity link from the Accounts Detail screen, the program will automatically enter the selected account into this field. However, if you wish to assign the activity to a different account, you can click the account link to the left of the field and select the desired account from the listing.



As an option, you can also select a specific contact within the account.



As an option, you can also select a specific opportunity within the account.


Assigned To

By default, the program adds the User Id of the person adding the new activity. To assign the activity to another user, click the Assigned To link to the left of the field, and select the user from the listing.


Other Users

You can also assign the activity to more than one user. To add users, click the Other Users link and select their User Id from the list, and then click the Add Button. This feature is especially useful for scheduling meetings or training sessions. It also checks for any time conflicts.



Select the status of the activity.



Select the type of activity you are adding.



Select the appropriate priority level of the activity.


Start Date/Time

Enter a start date, or select a date from a calendar by click the calendar button to the right of the field. Next, select the start time in Hours and Minutes from the drop-down menus.



Select the duration time of the activity in day, hours, and minutes. You can also select to have the activity automatically copied to additional days, for example if you are going on vacation you can quickly copy the activity into they system for several days.


Email Reminder

The system can send you an email to remind you of the impending activity. Check the checkbox to activate the feature, then select the time (in minutes) that you would like to be reminded before the scheduled activity.  Be sure you have setup your appropriate time zone setting in the MySettings area. The system calculates your local time by using the time zone setting.



Enter a subject or title for the activity.



Enter any comments or notes you would like to keep a record of so that you, or others, know what the activity is regarding.


Saving The New Activity Information

To save the entries and add the new activity, select Finish.


Select Close if you wish to discard your entries and not add the activity.



The Show Filter command on the Activity Views and Activities listing pages (detail screens) can be used to select what types of activities you wish to view.