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Adding Contacts

To add a new contact, you can either first select the account where you want the new contact assigned, or you can click on the New Contact link in the Contact Views.


If you select an account first, the program will present the Account Detail View.  The Account Detail View has four (4) views that are also available: Activities, Notes, Opportunities, and Contacts. These views display only the information related to the selected account.



If the view is not already displaying the contacts for the account, simply click the Contacts Button. Once the Contacts listing has been selected, click the New Contact link. A screen similar to the one shown below will be displayed:



Account Name

If you selected an account first, this field will be automatically filled in for you. If not, then you must select an account where the new contact will be assigned.  Click on the icon to select from a list of accounts.


Contact Name

Enter the name of the contact. Format: Last Name, First Name.

[Note: Do not use an & (ampersand),  ‘ (single quote), or a # (pound sign) in the Contact Name].



The job title of the contact, if any.



The department the contact works in, if any.



The source of the contact, if any.


Web Site

The contact’s web site, if any.



The contact’s direct Email address.



Enter the phone numbers for the contact as needed. When adding a new contact, the program automatically fills in the information that is specific to the selected company. You can edit the information if necessary.



When adding a new contact, the program automatically fills in this information using the account information. If the contact is at a different location, you can edit the address here as needed.



If the contact has an assistant, it’s helpful to maintain some basic information about them. Here, you can enter their name, phone number, and Email address.


Reports To

If the contact reports to someone within the selected company, you can enter either their name of job title here.



The contact can be assigned to a specific individual in your firm. The User Id of the person adding the contact is automatically assigned to the contact, however, you can assign it to another user by clicking the icon and selecting their User Id from a list.



Any comments about the contact can be added here.


Saving The Contact Information

To save the entries or changes, select Finish.


Select Cancel if you wish to discard any entries.