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Adding Notes

Notes can be added to either an account or to a specific contact within an account. Notes added to a contact can still be viewed when displaying notes for an account, but when viewing notes for a contact only the notes for the selected contact will be displayed.


To add a new note, select either the Account Name or a Contact Name where you wish to have the new note assigned.


If you selected an account name, the program presents the Account Detail View.  The Account Detail View has four (4) views that are also available: Activities, Notes, Opportunities, and Contacts. These views display only the information related to the selected account.



If you selected a contact name, the program present the Contact Detail View. The Contact Detail View has three (3) views that are available: Activities, Notes, and Opportunities. These views display only the information related to the selected contact.



If the view is not already displaying the notes for the account or contact, simply click the Notes Button. Once the Notes view has been selected, click the New link. A screen similar to the one shown below will be displayed:




Type, or paste, your note information in the editing window.


Saving The New Note

To save the note entry, select Finish.


Select Close if you wish to discard your entry.