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Email All

When the need arises to send an Email message to an entire group of people, the Email All command is more convenient than sending out the message one by one to each member person.

Sending Email To A Group Of Users

To compose an Email message and send it to a group of users, the Email All command link is used. It will send an email to every user in the current Contact View. The Filter link can be used to create your desired list of recipients. Whoever is listing in the view when you select the Email All link will become a recipient of the Email message you are sending.


Below is a portion of the Contacts View screen that show where the Email All link can be found. If it not list then you have not been given authority to send use the command. (The setting is in your user profile under User Management and requires Administrator Authority to access the area).




After selecting Email All, you will be provided with a form similar to the one show below:



The system will display the number of contacts that will receive the Email. (You can send mass Email to 500 contacts at a time).


The system automatically fills in the Send From field with your email address. If necessary, you can edit this entry to show another Email address.


If you have created and saved any Email Templates (described below), you can select a template from the Choose Template drop down list.


You have the option of creating an Email as a Text Message or an HTML Message. For a text message, simply type, or paste, the text of your message into the edit box. For an HTML message, you can use your own HTML editor and paste the HTML codeinto the HTML edit box, or you can click the Launch HTML Editor button and use the editor provided with the system.


When using graphic images within HTML Email Messages, be sure each URL to a graphic file is publicly accessible on the internet. (The actual graphic image is not imbedded with the HTML message or stored on the system. Your HTML code should be written to ‘reference’ the location of the graphic which is stored someplace on the internet and is publicly accessible).


Select the Next > button. The following screen will be displayed:



On this screen, you can review the information you’ve entered for the Email message. The example above shows a simply text message display.


Before sending out a mass mailing, it’s strongly suggested that you send a copy to yourself first to see if everything looks the way you want it to. Use the Email Test To Me button to send a copy to yourself.



Email Templates are pre-written Emails that can be selected from a list and quickly sent your recipients. Email Templates for use with the Email or Email All functions can be created using the Email Templates command.



The system treats Email as an Activity. Once an Email is sent, the system creates, logs, and completes an Email Activity automatically.  Remember that to view Email Activities, you need to use the Activities Show Filter command and be sure that both the Completed checkbox and Email checkbox are checked.  To view the actual text of the Email you sent,  click the Edit button next to the desired Email activity, the text of the Email is in the Details area.



The system gives email sent using the Email All function a lower priority ranking than individual Email or the system’s own Email Activity Reminders. Therefore, depending on the level of Email traffic being routed through the system at a given time, the email being sent with the Email All function sometimes may not be sent immediately upon submission.