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Email Log

The system provides you with the ability to review the Email Log which contains a listing of all the Emails sent out through the system for your account. It also logs Emails sent as activity reminders and scheduled reports. This is the first place to look if you suspect an Email didn’t get sent or received.


Administrator Authority Required


Access to the Email Log is performed in the System Setup module.  If your user profile is setup with Administrator Authority (SysAdmin), the Setup link will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the display screens next to the My Settings and Logout links. If you do not see the Setup link, then your user profile does not have the authority to access the system setup screens.


Accessing Email Log Menu Option


Select the Setup link at the top of your screen. The System Setup Screen will then be displayed. In the submenu titled Enterprise Settings, select the Email Log menu option.


The Email Log screen will then be displayed:



To narrow your search, you are given the ability to select a specific Date Range and the Status types to look for, as well as the Email’s Sent From, Sent To, and Subject entries. It is not necessary to specify anything for the Sent From, Sent To, or Subject fields.


In the example above, only the date range and status items were selected. After setting the items you want to find, simply click on the Search button.


The system will then display the Email Log for the items matching your search criteria. In the example above, there are no entries in the Error Msg Column, so all the Emails were sent out without any problems.



If you, or an intended recipient didn’t receive an email, check the Email Log. If it shows that the system sent out the Email, and there were no errors, then the most common problem is that the recipients ISP or Firewall (network level and/or personal computer level) is blocking the message as SPAM. Check to be sure that email from the domain is not being blocked.