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Email Templates

The Email Templates function lets you create and edit templates for use with either the Email command (when you click on a persons Email address) or the Email All function which is used to send a Emails to selected group of recipients.


Administrator Authority Required


Access to Email Templates is performed in the System Setup module.  If your user profile is setup with Administrator Authority (SysAdmin), the Setup link will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the display screens next to the My Settings and Logout links. If you do not see the Setup link, then your user profile does not have the authority to access the system setup screens.


Accessing The Email Templates Menu Option


Select the Setup link at the top of your screen. The System Setup Screen will then be displayed. In the submenu titled Customizable Settings, select the Email Templates menu option.


The Email Templates screen will then be displayed:



Adding A New Email Template


To create a new Email Template, simply select the New button. A form similar to the form shown below will be displayed.


Making Changes To An Email Template

To make changes to an existing Email Template, put a checkmark in the box  beside the name of the Template ID you wish to edit. Then, select the Edit button.



Template ID

Enter a name for the Email Template. This name will be used in the drop down listing that you can access when sending emails.



Enter a category name for the Email Template. This helps keep your templates organized.


Email Subject

Enter the subject of the email you want displayed to the recipient. (Note: you should keep the subject as brief as possible to enable your reader to quickly read the subject, and to keep SPAM filters from erroneously filtering your email).


Text or HTML

You have the option of creating an Email Template as a Text Message or an HTML Message. For a text message, simply type, or paste, the text of your message into the edit box. For an HTML message, you can use your own HTML editor and paste the HTML code into the HTML edit box, or you can click the Launch HTML Editor button and use the editor provided with the system.


You also have capability to have the system automatically insert the values of fields into your templates. The Merge Fields function can be used to select your fields(s). Simply position your cursor in the desired location in your message and use the drop down listing to select your field.


When using graphic images within HTML Email Messages, be sure each URL to a graphic file is publicly accessible on the internet. (The actual graphic image is not imbedded with the HTML message or stored on the system. Your HTML code should be written to ‘reference’ the location of the graphic which is stored someplace on the internet and is publicly accessible).



Saving The Email Template

To save the entries, and/or changes you’ve made to the Email Template, select Finish. The program will return to the previous screen and display the updated list of Email Templates.


Select Back if you wish to discard any changes and return to the Email Template listing screen.


Select Close if you want to discard any changes and also exit the Email Template section.