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One of the common functions in using the system is creating and sending Email to your contacts. With the system you can send Email to one contact at a time or an Email message to an entire group at a time. This topic describes how to compose and send Email to one contact at time. For information on sending an Email message to entire group of people, see the Email All topic.

Sending Email To A One Selected User

To compose an Email message to a specific user, simply click on their Email Address. Email address link are found throughout the system screens – essentially anywhere contacts are accessible, their Email address. The address will either be displayed with the contact on the screen, or you can click on the name of the contact and access their Email address from their information screen.


After clicking on an Email address a form will be displayed similar to the one shown below:



The system will automatically fill in the TO field with the Email address you clicked on. If desired, you can also provide an Email address in the CC and/or BCC fields to send a copy to someone else too.


If you have created and Email Templates, you can select a template from the Choose Template drop down list.

Email Templates are pre-written Emails that can be selected from a list and quickly sent your recipients. Email Templates for use with the Email or Email All functions can be created using the Email Templates command.


Enter the Subject of the Email you are going to send, then enter the Email Message.


If you wish to include a file attachment to the email, use the link Click to Add Attachments. Another form will be displayed which will allow you to select the file or files to attach as shown below:




Once your message is ready, click the Send email via SJ button. This will send your Email out through the system, as well as create a copy of the outgoing email and file it with the contact’s information data. To cancel and discard any entries, click Close.


Viewing The Contents of Previously Sent Email

The system treats Email as an Activity. So once an Email is sent, the system creates, logs, and completes an Email Activity automatically. The actual text of the Email that was sent, is stored in the details of that completed Activity.


To view completed Email Activities, you need to first display a list of your activities (either by using an Activity View, or by clicking the Activities button on a Detail screen). Depending upon your Activity filter settings, once an Activity has been completed it is usually removed from your activity listings. You will therefore likely need to use the Show Filter link so you can display the completed Activities. Selecting the Show Filter link will display the following filtering items:



To see completed activities, simply place a checkmark next to the completed option, then click the Search button. The Activity listing will then be updated to show completed activities.


To view the actual text of the Email you sent, click the Edit button next to the desired Email activity.  The text of the Email is in the Details section.