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Filtering Tips

Here’s a few more tips and helpful hints on using filters:

Date Fields

Creating and using a filter that works on a Date field requires the proper syntax. Date fields not only have the Date component in the field, but also the Time field as well. So the format for a date field would be: 00/00/00 00:00:00. The time for the start of the day is 00:00:00 and the end of the day is 23:59:59.


An example: DateFieldName >= 01/15/04 00:00:00



Checkbox Fields

Checkbox fields have two states. They are either checked or unchecked. If they are checked, then the value is ‘Y’ for yes, and if they are unchecked, there value is ‘N’ for No.


An example: CheckboxFieldName = Y



Speed Improvement

The Contains filter statement will always be much slower than any other type of filter statement. Whenever possible, use a direct comparison identifier such as =, >, etc. When used with small amounts of records, there won’t be any noticeable speed improvement, but for those customers who have Tens of Thousands or Several Hundred Thousand Records, you will see a noticeable speed improvement when selecting views.



When A Record Disappears From Your View

Its easy to forget sometimes that there often Filters being used on most of your views.  So when all your accounts disappear from a view, or you can’t find a record, don’t panic.  It’s often one of two things: Either your manager has assigned the account, contact, or opportunity to someone else and is therefore no longer accessible to you, or the value in a field being used in a filter has changed and the filter is simply filtering the record or records out. Simply check your Filter and see what field or fields are being used and if needed, change the filter.