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Records Not Appearing In Views

When Records Are Not Showing Up In A View

It’s easy to forget sometimes that there are often Filters being used on most of your views.  So when some or all your accounts or contats disappear from a view, or you can’t find a record, don’t panic.  It’s often one of two things: Either your manager has assigned the account, contact, or opportunity to someone else and is therefore no longer accessible to you, or the value in a field being used in a filter has changed and the filter is simply filtering the record or records out.


Simply check your Filter setting for the view.  Select the view that you think the record(s) should be showing up under, then select the Filter link.


Check to see what field or fields are being used in your filter, then determine if the cause of the missing record(s) is due to the record(s) no longer matching the filter criteria.  See the help topic: Using Filters to learn more about how to create and edit filter settings.


Another cause, but less common,  is when you have created or edited the View parameters using the Add/Delete View function. One of the options when using the Add/Delete View function is the ‘Select Records From’ option.  If that option is set to ‘My Accounts’ then the view will only show records that belong to your UserId. See the help topic: Working With Views to learn more about the Add/Delete View function.