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Standard Reports

In addition to the capability of creating your own ad hoc reports through the SQL Report Definition section in the Setup area (Setup->Enterprise Settings menu, Report Writer option), the system also provides a number of predefined standard reports.


Located in the top row of the display on the right-hand side, the Reports link can be used to access these reports.



After selecting the Reports link, a new window will open and display a menu listing the predefined reports. An example is shown below:



Select the name of the report you would like to produce.


After selecting the report, the system will display the report options available for the selected report. An example is shown below:



Output Type

You can output a report to the display or to a file for downloading.


Show SQL Statement?

Indicate whether or not you want the SQL statement used to create the report shown on the report as well.


Column Headings

Select whether or not to display column heading in the report.


Download Data Format

For download output, you can also specify the data format. Select the appropriate format you wish to use.



After specifying your report options, click the Next > button. The system will then generate the report. A small sample report is shown below:



If you have a multi-page report, the Printable View button allows the report to be displayed with all the report pages on one continuous page.


To change the report options, select the < Criteria button.


Select Close if you wish to return to the report menu screen.



If you’re sending the report output to the screen, and would like to print the report directly from your web browser, use your web browsers Print command and be sure to select the option to ‘print only the selected frame’ – this will keep the report menu from also printing on your page.


If you wish to download the report while viewing it on the screen, simply click on the download icon..