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Storing Files With Accounts

The system provides the ability to upload and store files with any of your accounts. These files can be of any file type – text files, word processing files, spreadsheet files, graphic files, etc. Files can be uploaded, downloaded, and/or replaced as desired.


To store a file on the system, select the Account where you want the file attached. If the file, or files, you want to store are more for your own company’s general purposes, then you can use the Global Library function which allows you to have a centralized document library for your company.


After selecting the account, the system displays the Account Detail View.  The Account Detail View has four (4) views that are also available: Activities, Notes, Opportunities, and Contacts. These views display only the information related to the selected account.



If the detail view is not already displaying the notes for the account, click the Notes Button. Once the Notes view has been selected, select the link for attaching files:  


After clicking on the Attach(ed) File(s) link, you will be presented with a listing of files currently being stored with the selected account. An example is shown below:



Edit Folders

This link allows you to create, modify, or delete folders to help organize your files.


The screen displays your current folders along with the selected folders files. Files contain both a description and the actual filename. From this display, you can for example download a file by simply placing a check next to the file you want to retrieve, and then click the Download button.


To upload a file, just click the ADD button. A form similar to the one shown below will then be displayed:



Click the Browse button to select a file from your computer. After the file is selected, enter a Description, and the either select Browse again to select another file, or click Finish to upload the selected file or files.



You can check the database storage used by your entire account by checking your System Statistics. The System Statistics function is located in the Setup area under the Billing Profile menu.



Note: At the present time, files stored on the system cannot be used for file attachments for Email.