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User Login

To log into the system, you need three (3) specific items of information:


  • A Company ID (often referred to as the COID)
  • A User ID
  • A Password.


Unless you are following a direct hypertext link to your database, the first time you try to log into the system you will prompted for your Company ID. This is often the name of your company or an abbreviation of the name. The Company ID identifies your database – since every customer in the system has their own separate database.


When A New User Logs In For The First Time:

On the client login page, the area for the Company ID entry form will look like the following:



Enter your Company ID and click the Save button.


Next, the system will prompt you for your User ID and Password. The screen will display the entry form shown below:



Enter the UserID and Password, then click the Login button. Assuming you have a valid UserID and Password, you will then be logged into the system.


When A User Logs In (after logging in for the first time):

After you have logged into the system once before, you will normally no longer be prompted for the Company ID. The Company ID has been saved in a small resource file (cookie) on your computer by your browser. The only time you’ll be prompted again for the Company ID is if you change computers or you delete your browser cookies.



Enter the UserID and Password, then click the Login button.


Login Problems:

Forgetting your UserID or Password.

If you forget your UserID or Password, check with your system administrator. They can look up your UserID. And if you’ve forgotten your password, they can reset your password for you. If you ARE the system administrator, then you’ll need to contact the support department – and if it’s during support hours – they can look up the information for you.


Not being able to get past the Company ID entry form.

If you’ve been prompted to enter your Company ID, and you click Save, and nothing seems to happen – then that is usually a problem with your cookies (the small resource file created by your browser that stores your Company ID).


First, check the date and time on your computer. (double click on the Time display in the task bar). Make sure the date and time are correct. Often a user will have used the time display to check the calendar and inadvertently change the date on their computer. This essentially causes the cookie the system tries to create with your Company ID to be deleted the instant it is created – so you end up not being able to log in.


If the date and time are correct, and you still can’t get past the Company ID entry form, then use the functions on your browser to clear the cookies AND the cache. For example, in Internet Explorer you’ll find the functions on the Tools->Internet Options menu, and in FireFox they will be on the Tools->Options menu. ¬†Clearing these settings out usually takes care of the problem. Refresh your browser, then begin the login process.