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View Sums

View Sums: With View Sums, in a glance and without the need to create a report, you can see the sum for any numeric field(s) you decide to include in a View. For example, let’s say you want to see the total value of all opportunities closed in the past 30 days – both the Expected and Actual amounts. The result would look like this:


To create the view and sum results in the example above, simply 1. Create the view; and 2. While in the View, click on “Columns” and select the numeric values you would like summed by simply checking the box which will automatically appear next to any numeric value(s) included in the Column Order.

Below you will note that the two numeric values included in the View’s Column Order have check boxes to the left of each.


Simply click on the boxes and then click on “Change” to save.


That’s it!  View Sums work on any view throughout the system, but only in the new interface.  Note also that the sum for each selected numeric field is for ALL records in the view, not just the page showing!