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While customer relationship management (CRM) is important for every company, in many ways it is even more essential for small businesses that may have smaller staffs working with an exponentially growing customer base. You may think communication is easier with a smaller number of employees, but coordinating contact information, meetings, activities, notes and files, no matter how small the company, can be a daunting task without efficient small business CRM software.

SalesJunction’s CRM for small businesses can help integrate the various parts of your company into a seamlessly functioning process that can organize all of your customer information, automate and streamline many of your processes that were previously done manually, help eliminate errors, and increase lead conversions resulting in more business and happier customers.

Our online small business CRM software is the perfect tool for budget-savvy IT professionals because it requires no installations or on-hand techs needed to care of any software issues. We have two different pricing models to cater to the budget of any company, no matter how big or small.

Our standard package starts at just $10 per user per month with discounts for multiple users and annual billing. The standard edition has a subset of the features in the pro edition. Only the pro edition of our CRM for small businesses has case management, automated follow-ups, and Quick Activities. Pro edition pricing for online small business CRM starts at just $25 per user per month with even larger savings for multiple users and annual billing.

SalesJunction’s CRM for small business will not only serve your needs today but also allow your company room to grow, while continuing to give you years of valuable service. Try your risk-free trial today!