Web-based CRM | SalesJunction|Web based CRM for Small Business

Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from salesjunction.net provides great services and instant productivity in an easy to use Web-based application. This means your contacts, phone numbers, addresses, notes, files, activities, meetings, accounts, opportunities, cases and more all go wherever you go.

SalesJunction Web-based CRM is great for:

•Salespeople on the go or traveling the trade show circuit
•Salespeople on vacation
•Salespeople working from their homes
•Keeping your salesforce organized and productive
•Large or small companies alike that don’t want to deal with IT issues

The business world is constantly evolving to incorporate new technologies, processes and services, in order to keep up-to-date and in the know with potential clients, salespeople must constantly be one step ahead, and this means taking their office – and now their online CRM – with them everywhere. Wherever you go, SalesJunction CRM goes too. Salespeople can access their contacts from wireless laptops, iPhones, smartphones or anywhere else with Internet!